VR for fear of public speaking


I build an experience in VR that helps the user get better in presenting and lower users presenting anxiety, by using different techniques for anxiety management obtained from research papers.

Using games

to make a difference

My contribution

Concept design

The aspect of speaking publicly whether it be in front of a group of unknown people, or a close group of friends, is what triggers the anxiety for the speaker. 

Public speaking anxiety arises from the student's fear of embarrassment in front of a crowd of people in an unfamiliar situation. Students have a fear of making mistakes or messing up or just being judged in general by their audience.

It has been estimated that 75% of all people experience some degree of anxiety/nervousness when it comes to public speaking

My contribution


Throughout my personal project, I made sure to do my research and justify my ideas with academic papers. 

This game is a therapy software for people with a fear of public speaking. I took this very seriously and used researched techniques to help my target audience.

My contribution

Technical Implementation

I was the sole developer involved with this project. I implemented all of the features. I used UE4 and a rift S.

I believe as design, you should be able to deliver your own prototypes.

My contribution


VR is incredible and can deliver another layer to traditional games. The UI/UX in VR determines the success of the game. In this project, I worked on the UI/UX for multiple months with many tests to fine-tune the experience. 

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