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I made a lot of games during my years of development. Not all have worked out, but I never regretted making them. I use this page to show of some of the projects that did not work out but taught me a lot.

My contribution

Little Thorns

Little Thorns was an ambitious game. Little Thorns is a co-operative ‘Boss Fighter’, where players stack on top of each other to create a human tower, via this tower players can throw teammates towards the boss, in order to get to the boss’ weakness points, where the boss is vulnerable. If you hit the boss enough on its weak points, you defeat him. 

The throwing mechanic was one of the most fun to make. It had a lot of challenges. I learned to first the camera and controls right. It is important to grey box for this reason.

My contribution


Lasers was the first bigger team I was on.

The Core gameplay is strategic co-operative player elimination. The Game is about understanding your environment and manipulating it, while communication with your teammate.

The social mechanics are supported by the specialization. The player plays as a duo of defense and offense. One player shoots lasers and hunts down the other team, while player two places a mirror to trap the other team. These mirrors will make the lasers harder to dodge and create a chaotic feel the old Bomberman also portrays.

The game turned out okay, not great but passable. The issue in the game was the team dynamic. We did not have any leads or people to turn to when we were behind. This caused a lot of overhead and the team working themselves too hard.

It is definitely important to consider your team's health and keep everyone's spirits up.

My contribution


Stellar survivor is a tower defense fps. Where you use multiple traps and guns to defend your power core. Players can connect with each other and play together. 

The game is set on an alien planet. Multiple challenges will be thrown at the player and they will need to plan their ultimate strategy to defend the aliens.

This is a school year-long project. I did a lot of technical implementation. I implement the AI and the weapons in the game. I made those work with networking and had many interactions to make the guns and enemies more interesting. 

The challenge of this year was the giant team. With so many people and no authority, we had to communicate continuously and make sure we keep all our stakeholders happy. 


This was not always easy. With a lack of prioritization and leadership, we quickly overscored. Halfway the year we made a bold move and down scoped our plans to something more reasonable. It was a great learning opportunity and I gladly accepted the challenge.

Gym to test out the movement

Testing out shooting

Tower defense grey box

Testing out all traps, with dev cheats

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