Captain Starshot


"Salute Captain,
We are pleased to see you reporting for duty. Now, let us explain to you what you can expect on this mission;

As Captain Starshot, you and your space crew are tasked with the mission to explore the galaxy in search of villainous aliens and to defeat their leader.
Fly off with your spaceship and face off against the hordes of enemies you will encounter on your mission.
Operate with the help of your crew members, who hold various abilities that allow you to overcome any challenge within the mysterious enemy ships."

My contribution

Technical Designer

My responsibility was to support the technical gameplay implementation team. When I joined this team, there were many legacy systems. I helped to update the systems. This project was made with UE4. I worked in Blueprints. I implemented many new gameplay elements and tested them.  

I improved my technical knowledge through this project. I optimized many of my own systems near the end of the project. Working closely with very talented people made me rise above myself and I hope to work in similar teams in the future.

Space Gameplay 

When I joined the team the space combat was none existed. I dedicated myself to improving this gameplay. I worked on implementing and testing the gameplay. On paper and engine.  I tried to make the space combat consistent with the on-foot combat. 

I worked on improving the general flow of the space traversal and the difficulty. I took my time tweaking values together with playtesting to make it feel nice.

I made a mortar attack. Here I am still balancing the aim and UX.

The final result of the mortar and other shooters. Here the movement is closer to the final result and the level distribution is more challenging.

An early version of the gun on the ship and movement of player.

Implementation of stages to the battleship.

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