National Geographic Explore VR


Set off as a National Geographic explorer to discover two of the most iconic locations on the planet! Head to Antarctica and set off on a thrilling expedition of discovery. Navigate around icebergs in a kayak, climb a massive ice shelf and survive a raging snowstorm as you search for a lost emperor penguin colony

Visit Machu Picchu, Peru, and get immersed in amazing digital reconstructions of the ancient Inca citadel. Witness mummy worship, raise a cup of sacred chicha, and encounter alpacas as you match Hiram Bingham’s photographs from when he rediscovered the Inca citadel. 
With a mission to capture photographs for the National Geographic magazine, this interactive experience lets the entire family discover the world without ever leaving home.

My contribution

Assignments for player

On this amazing project, I was involved with many parts of the gameplay. I worked on smoothing out the game flow. I made and tested part of the assignments. I got the change to pull my weight and prove my worth. I was able to keep up with the work and I got a lot of positive feedback from my Design lead.

Implementation in engine

I implemented the game flow and assignments. I worked with visual scripting in UE4. I optimized my workflow over the weeks working there. Making it easy to make changes. I implemented part of the menu. I keep in mind that VR needs to be optimized and made sure my systems did not put any stress on performance.

Playtesting and bugfixing

I had to balance information with fun. It can be quite a challenge since in VR there are many distractions. I had the opportunity to take part in leading multiple playtest and see the result of my work directly. 

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