Stellar Survivor


1 year 2018-2019


Technical designer

FPS-Tower defense

In progress



Team Size






Stellar survivor is a tower defense fps. Where you use multiple traps and gun to defend your powercore. Players can connect with each other and play together. 

The game is set on an alien planet. Multiple challenges will be thrown at the player and they will need to plan their ulitmate strategy to defend the aliens.

Role Details

Technical implementation 

This is a school year long project. I did a lot of technical implementation. I implement the AI and the weapons in the game. I made those work with networking and had many interactions to make the guns and enemies more interesting. 

- AI

- Weapon system


Big team

The challenge of this year was the giant team. With so many people and no authority, we had to communicate continuously and make sure we keep all our stakeholders happy. 


This was not always easy. With a lack of prioritization and leadership, we quickly overscored. Halfway the year we made a bold move and down scoped our plans to something more reasonable. It was a great learning opportunity and I gladly accepted the challenge.


Gameplay design and implementation

A major part of my job was the core loop and design. I worked closely together with the other designers to come to a core loop. We then build that core loop with only design in the engine to prove the concept to our team.

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