Team Size





8 weeks 2018 Year 2


Technical designer




About the game

Focus is a 1st person horror game which uses mirrors as its main mechanic. Players will need to use mirrors to find information as well as keeping track of the thing hunting them.

The monster of the game can only be seen and stopped (in its movement) via those mirrors. 

The game is set within a building full of mirrors and your objective is to escape from the building and the monster.

Role Details

Technical implementation

 For this project, I did all the technical implementation. We needed a 2 room system since we wanted to create different layouts for each side. I create a system where a pawn replicated the movement of the player in a mirrored manner, this way the player has the illusion they are looking at a mirror.


This game taught me how much I actually like doing technical work. I was the only one they could rely on to implement the game. Seeing the game come alive through my hard work was great. 

- Visibility system

- Interfaces

- Replicated Movement



The character in the mirror is actually a seprate pawn in a different room, which mirrors the player.

UI Scripting

I did the UI scripting for this game. It was my first experience with UI widgets in UE4. 


Gameplay design and implementation

Together with my team members, we decided on to decide. We decided on a horror game because we all liked horror games.  

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